Nissan Safety Shield: Shielding You From Danger

Who here would like to feel more comfortable and relaxed when driving to work?

It can be a mad house out there sometimes, from busy highways to local streets. Sometimes you never know what's going to happen, and it sends your blood pressure shooting up so high you can hear your doctor tisking.

You can relax a little with Nissan Safety Shield, available on the Nissan Rogue, as demonstrated in the video. Safety Shield isn't a literal shield of oak or metal, but a smart bubble where your vehicle can keep an eye out on traffic for you.

Using many sensors, your Rogue can continuously monitor vehicles in front of you, and behind you. If a vehicle is in your blind spot when you turn on your lane-change signal, the car will give a little ding to notify you.

If the space between you and the car in front of you is closing fast-- too fast-- the car will warn you, and even apply light to heavy brake pressure to slow or stop itself before a collision occurs.

Visit Concordville Nissan to learn more about gaining peace of mind with this advanced safety technology offered in our new Nissan vehicles.

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